Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Pie Day!

Get it? March 14. You know 3-14-10
3.14= Pie

OK, enough being a nerd, but in honor of Pie Day I'm bringing you a blog about pies. Two fruit pies specifically, a peach pie and a Shaker lemon pie.

I made this peach pie over the summer after picking way too many peaches at Carter Mountain Orchard up in Charlottesville. No matter how delicous peaches are you can only eat so many. To make this pie I basically used my normal apple pie recipe, but substituted peaches. The ingredients were peaches, sugar, lemon juice, ginger and flour. It turned out pretty nice and was delightful with vanilla ice-cream.

My one hang up with the pie had to do with removing the peach skin. There's a rumor going around that if you cut an X in the bottom of a peach and then it blanch in boiling water then the skin will peel right off. This does not work. I repeat, it does not work. What it does is make a huge, sticky mess. I'm assuming this happened because my peaches were not fully ripe, but who knows. Try at your own risk.

The second pie is Shaker Lemon Pie. I discovered this one in a pie cookbook my brother gave me. Thanks bro. Shaker Lemon Pie is named after the inventors of the pie, The Shakers. They were a popular religious group during the mid 1800's. The religion lost its popularity, but thankfully the pie is still around.

Anyways, I made this pie a little while back when I was in California. It's a mix between sweet and tart and is very reminiscent of a lemon bar. If you like lemon bars you'd like it, but I found it too sweet. The main reason I decided to make this pie is because my parents have a Meyer lemon tree in the backyard. Meyer lemons are a cross between mandarins and lemons so they are naturally sweeter. Since I was using the meyers I cut back on the sugar. If you make this pie with normal lemons, use 3 lemons and ramp up the sugar to the original 2 cups.

5 Meyer Lemons
1.25 cups sugar
Pie crust
4 beaten eggs

To make the pie wash the lemons and very thinly slice 3 of them. Slice as thinly as you can, you should be able to see through them. Discard the lemon end and the seeds. Juice the remaining two lemons and mix with the slices and the sugar. Cover and set aside at room temperature for at least 3 hours or overnight. Finally, combine the beaten eggs with lemon mixture and poor into your pie crust. Cover with the top crust or leave open like I did then bake for 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

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