Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chili Chocolate

I just had to give a shout out to Lindt's Chili Chocolate because it is awesome. If you haven't tried chili chocolate, I say do it now. I'm seriously addicted to it and I'm not even a fan of dark chocolate. I say addicted, but its not nearly as bad as when I studied in London and subsisted only on Cadbury Mini Eggs (you can get them year round there).

I digress, but chili chocolate is superb and it isn't too spicy. The red chili peppers just give an amazing flavor and a little tingle to already delicious chocolate. I recommend Lindt because the chocolate is smooth and its easy to savor the chili flavor as it melts in your mouth. Just good luck buying it. None of the supermarkets around me carry it so I get my chili chocolate fix at CVS.

My only other experiment with a different brand of chili chocolate was such a disappointment. I bought one of those fancy organic chocolate bars from Whole Foods and it was absolutely horrible because of the addition of chocolate nibs. Nibs are basically inedible, but fancy chocolatiers love putting them in stuff. It is true; nibs are the roasted center of the cocoa bean and the base for all chocolate. That sounds good and all until you realize that cocoa beans are extremely bitter and that its not the chocolate we all know and love until sugar, milk solids and cocoa butter is added. Eating a chocolate nib is basically like eating bitter crumbly chalk.

So remember go buy yourself a chili chocolate bar, and stay away from nibs!

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