Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loukoumades aka The Greek Pancake

In May of 2003 I spent a wonderful week in Corfu, Greece at the nicest, family run, ocean front backpacker's hostel you can imagine. The picture above is the view at sunset from the hostel. When I wasn't swimming in the Mediterranean I was eating the delicious homemade meals that were included in the mere $20 a night price. Every morning I would order the beyond yummy Greek Pancakes and delight in a magical breakfast of perfectly fried dough while enjoying the view. It was heaven and not just because Greek pancakes are much more like honey and powdered sugar coated balls of funnel cake than pancakes.

I hadn't had this amazing treat since leaving Greece until yesterday when I ventured over to Richmond's Annual Greek Festival. There in the midst of the festivities was a stand selling something named Loukoumades. To my delight the specialty looked suspiciously like my beloved Greek pancakes. Beautiful, golden fried, dough-balls of yummyness were being rolled in a honey syrup and then dusted in cinnamon. The woman preparing the loukoumades told me she had never heard them called Greek pancakes, but one bite told me that they were one and the same. In my head I was back on the Island of Corfu.I did a little Googling and it turns out that loukoumades are a traditional Hanuka dessert made by Greek Jews. One article went as far to say it was the origin of the fried honey puffs. That is all very interesting, but it leaves me wondering why no one in my family has ever fried them up for the holiday. I mean, I am part Greek and would certainly enjoy seeing them on the table.

Anyways, if you haven't had loukoumades aka Greek pancakes before don't fret. There is still one more day of the Greek Festival. I know I'll be there savoring one last bite.


  1. Hi Alison,
    Here is a recipe from Grandmas' recipe book but i never made them. WE called them BIMUELOS, but also know as Loukomades.
    1 1/3 cup warm water, 2 cakes years room temp. 1 egg, 1/2tsp. salt, 1Tbsp oil. 3 cups unsifted flour cinnamon to sprinkle and oil to deep fry.
    Combine 1 24oz jar honey and 1/4 cup water to boil. set aside.
    Dissolve yeast in 1/2cup warm water. Add beaten egg, salt and 1tbsp oil to mixture.
    Add to flour all at once. Add remaining water gradually.
    Allow to rise 1 hour.heated shortening to 375 degrees and drop dough by a tablespoon that has been dipped in oil first.
    Bimuelos will puff up and shood be turned untill golden brown, Drain on paper toweling
    Diop in warn syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon.
    make 45 best serve warm