Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, I just found out that StoveTop stuffing has come out with personal cups of stuffing. Now, the reason I thought this was blog worthy is because back in the day in college I would eat StoveTop by itself as dinner. My excuse is that I wasn't much of a cook and college students are lazy. I would never do this now, eating stuffing for dinner is not very nutritious. It is basically tasty carbs with sodium. It is also a side dish not a meal, but as I said before college kids are lazy and its as easy to make as boiling water. It doesn't hurt that its delicious and super cheap either. The one thing is that you need a stove to work with and so its impossible for kids in the dorms to make. All they have to work with is a microwave, but with the advent of quick cup StoveTop Stuffing that all changes. Maybe Kraft should rename it MicrowaveTop Stuffing. It's not as catchy, but college kids are probably rejoicing. Now they can can add another meal to the repertoire of easy mac, canned soup, single serving cups of instant mashed potatoes and junk food. You've got to admit that StoveTop is more nutritious than a pint of Ben & Jerry's...

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