Monday, April 27, 2009


Enough already. I am so tired of watching episodes about geoduck (pronounced gooey duck). If you aren't sure what geoduck is turn on the Food Network or the Travel Channel because I'm pretty sure any chef who has a traveling food show has done at least one episode on the bizarre looking, humongous clam. Yep, it was interesting when I first saw Anthony Bourdain dive into the cold water of Washington State in search of one, but geoduck has lost its novelty after watching Andrew Zimmern and now the new guy "who will do anything for food" do the exact same thing. Not to mention the countless non-traveling food shows that the clam has been featured on such as: Top Chef, Iron Chef America, and Dirty Jobs. The last one isn't even a food show! Yes, we get it they are gross looking, giant (they average about two pounds) and tasty (well, depending on who's eating them) Anthony Bourdain was in heaven, new guy not so much. Anyways, all I'm saying is enough already. Find a new weird food to tell us about and as long as I'm ranting, the same goes for Thailand. Traveling food shows need to find a new destination to go to...

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