Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chocolate Malts

I was thinking that I should write a little something about chocolate malts seeing how its a play on the name of the blog. I also thought I'd clarify why in fact the name of this blog is Chocolate Maltz. Well for starts who doesn't like a nice frothy chocolate malt? If you don't know what a malt is. Its like a ice cream shake with some malt powder and its delicious. Think those chocolate malt-ball candies like Whoppers mixed with ice cream. Yum. Basically, you mix together a little ice cream, a little milk and some malted milk powder and you've got yourself a tasty treat. I've been know to order them from time to time at diners and actually Bev's, the local ice-cream shop here in Richmond makes a mean Chocolate malt. I honestly think they use an extra scoop or two of malt powder, its so good. They'll actually make you a malt with any flavor of ice cream you ask for. Cookies and cream sounds unusual, but its excellent.

So what exactly is malted milk powder anyways? Well, according to Wikipedia this yummy ingredient is a mix of malted barley, wheat flour and whole milk that is evaporated till it becomes a powder. Some more research tells me that malt was actually invented as a health food supplement for infants. Now I guess you don't have to feel bad about enjoying that Chocolate Malt! Well, actually back when malt was invented by William Horlick in 1883 it wasn't being mixed in with ice cream, but that came soon after. Soda Fountains became popular around the turn or the century and were usually found in drugstores. Turns out thats the exact same place this health supplement was sold. As you can see it wasn't very long until malted milk powder and ice cream found each other in a tasty marriage.

So why is this blog named Chocolate Maltz? Well, the name has always been a joke in my family seeing how our last name in Maltz. My mom tells me that before I was born all their friends said they should name their kids Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. I'm glad they didn't, but back when I was working in Hollywood I tried to get Chocolate Maltz as my joke name in the credits. Unfortunately I was quickly shut down by the Executive Producer. Well take that Mr. Producer. The name lives on...


  1. When i was a little girl growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn my mom wold take me to Goodie's luncheonette on the corner and we would split a chocolate or vanilla malted and an egg salad sandwich on toasted rye for lunch. I remember the malted being rich, sweet and cold and delicious. I remember in my minds eye my mother being young and full of life and it's still one of the best memories of my childhood.
    It was a great day when we did that.
    Another memory of my childhood also has to do with the chocolate milk ball candies. My Nona would buy them for me in the candy machine in the market and she would put me in the food cart and wheel me around while she and my mother shopped.I munched away.I always offered to share with Nona
    but she always left them all for me.

  2. Way to stick it to the man. I'm glad Chocolate Maltz lives on.